DIY v Travel Agent

It’s been a long time between fairytales, but we are finally back into it. And of course, the first decision to make is:


Almost all our holidays are DIY; the internet is awesome and I love planning a holiday almost as much as having the holiday. I get a real kick out of seeing the family react to some of my ideas, as well as having the fun myself! Even way back in 2008, when we were planning our holiday in Italy and Malta (and the Italians appeared to hate having anything online), I was still better off planning and booking myself rather than talking an agent through our ideas.

Not that we have crazy-horse ideas! It’s just, I have learnt that travel agents are really best for “cookie cutter” holidays. And I have never been a “cookie cutter” kind of girl. Mind you, neither has my friend The Cutting Cookies Solo Girl – she’s having her own grief.

But I always give them a chance. I start off with a rough idea of what we want, grab a bit of research, and then go and test them.

That’s right. I’m the pain in the arse who goes and tests you in your own job. And I’m glad that I do.

For example, I know I need a car seat for our 2yo in the campervan, but what about our 6yo? When the travel agent tells me no, I’d like to believe they know what they are talking about. I do not want to be arriving in Auckland and forking over an additional $50 because the agent didn’t check.

By the way: good thing I checked *rolls eyes* The cut off age is 7yo.

Look, there are some things agents are good for: like, ski packages and negotiating campervans. Both of which I have just booked and paid deposits for.

But when the travel agent jokes that the guy waiting to see her after me is having the same holiday as me because I have suggested so many great things to her … Then I start to realise I should stick with what I know and love.

DIY all the way, baby.

What’s your preference: DIY or Travel Agent?


3 thoughts on “DIY v Travel Agent

  1. DIY all the way! I get a kick out of researching and planning too. 🙂 The only time we’ve done the TA route was when they had packages with direct flights to Iceland that you couldn’t get if you didn’t go with them. The hotel was one of those huge, soulless places which was awful, but that was the only bad thing.

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