More than a Homestay

I just want to keep writing about Kurakura Homestay. And when I run out of things to write, I want to travel back there for more adventures to write about.

DSC_0891It really was a home for us. If you aren’t after an adventure (like trekking to caves), then you can always simply laze about the house and enjoy the fabulous company, and equally fabulous food. But I’m warning you – you may find yourself exploring, despite your original intentions. Liza has a way of enticing your curiousity…

For example: check out this view from their balcony.


Now, one of the memories that sticks out for me is the sound of crashing Durian. Have you ever tasted Durian? It is a bit like a creamy raw onion. It’s not bad, but it is definitely an acquired taste. Some people (mostly the locals) LOVE them.

Every now and then, you would hear a *crack…crack…crash!!* coming from somewhere in the jungle around you. It was the sound of durian falling. The fruit normally grows pretty high up and you have to be very careful about the “ripe time” for eating it. Mostly within a day or it falling.


The first time I heard this, it was followed by a very determined *thud, thud, thud* as Liza would RUN to the balcony to determine where the sound had come from.

“What ARE you doing?”

“If it was close by, I have a good chance of beating my cousins to it. And maybe if they didn’t hear it. But that’s less likely. But I think it was close. Yes close!! Gotta go!!” and all I saw was her running down the stairs and out into the jungle.

This happened a few times during our stay – pretty soon, we were also running to the balcony to help Liza locate the prized fruit. And I don’t even EAT the stuff!!DSC_0867

Our last day at Kurakura Homestay was filled with these sounds – we had opted to laze around, waiting for the storm clouds to break and getting to know our hosts/new friends.

It’s so easy to kick back and enjoy. There’s so much food growing in the farm area. Froya and our boys were happy to entertain themselves. B loved exploring with the camera and capturing some fantastic nature shots.

I spent sometime learning about Liza’s cooking skills and Lars background. Although Liza has always been a fabulous cook, she refined her skills with training in Norway (Lars’ native country). The Wonder Couple lived in Norway for awhile before establishing Kurakura Homestay. The school Liza attended gave her culinary expertise in a range of styles and cultures. While she particularly loves to cook her native food (with both pride, and interest in sharing the full cultural experience with her guests), Liza can cook pretty much anything you ask for. And if you are really nice, she’ll even share a recipe or two. I had to barter with B’s Family Sponge Cake recipe for Liza’s Sticky Rice and Garlic Prawns. It was worth it. Totally.

Eventually, our stay did come to an end, but not our friendship. Damn I miss this place. But we still have so much more to see.


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