KK’s Hidden Art Gallery

This entire blog post shouldDSC_1135 be written by B, but the poor guy is so busy – we would be waiting until after the next holiday. However, I am working off his notes from the experience and sharing it as best I can.

Early one morning, B went exploring – particularly looking at a semi-demolished building around the corner. He found it to be re-used as a make-shift gallery for local graffiti art. The images depicted are only some of the plethora on offer. It was truly amazing.

As he ventured around, he noticed a lot of the artwork incorporated multi-dimensional views – lining up the two pillars behind would reveal additional depth. Or incorporating chips from the pillar as part of the artwork. Some had layDSC_1141ered their own graffiti over the top, as a 2nd layer of enhancement.

The building was not abandoned. While looking around, B was approached by a man, who talked to him about the area. After asking for money, the guy offered to show where he and others lived inside the dilapidated building. Under the watchful eye of the seedy-looking bloke nearby, B politely (and wisely) declined, and returned our hotel to tell the tale.

DSC_1150I love the photos. They really are creative – not just in the imagery, but the use of the environment. And this little block really did feel like an open-air gallery.

If you are in KK and looking for it, it’s on the corner of Jalan Kota Kinabalu Lama 6 and Jalan Haji Saman. Exit Hotel Eden 54, walk to the corner on the right and then turn right. Walk towards the Esplanade and you’ll see the Gallery on your left.




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