Planning: The Stuff You Leave Behind

Two weeks to go!! I am so READY for this holiday.

Actually… no, I am not.

I am sitting here, making sure that the budget is tight for when we arrive. You know, the usual stuff: money for the petrol; money for groceries; money for sightseeing… the usual stuff.

But here is a timely reminder for anyone going on holiday soon: Make sure you also plan for the ‘stuff’ you leave behind.

And by this, I mean any of the bills that are regularly due during the time you are away. And any of the ‘special’ bills that are due while you are away.

For example: S has a Band Camp for school after we come back. No big deal – I’m very happy he won’t be missing out. However, the bill and registration for the Camp are due WHILE we are away in NZ. And it is all done online. Chalk that up on the To-Do List before packing.

Nippers Registration is also due WHILE we are away. And Health Insurance. And the usual bills of mortgage, utilities, etc.

But it is not all bad news!! This preparation can also have benefits!

Around 2 weeks before you leave, make a list of all the regular activities you pay for. I’m talking kids’ sports, gym memberships, after school lessons, magazine subscriptions. Every single one of them. An easy way to do this is to scan the last month of your bank accounts and credit card statements. Make a note of each regular payment – what it is, how much, when it is due, frequency.

Chances are most of these allow for a suspension of fees if you are absent for more than two weeks. But you usually need to give at least 2 weeks notice, and in writing.

This is a plus for your travels – in our case, it means 4 bills I don’t have to worry about while we are away … and about $200 extra spending money in the budget.

Extra money for the holiday – that’s an awesome incentive right there!

What are your “planning tips” before the big event? Share in the comments!


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