KL: From One Jungle to Another

We have developed a ‘pattern’ to our travels.

Push it hard for most of the holiday. Live it a bit rough. Sometimes this means “jungle showers”, or dingy guesthouses, or even a tiny little studio apartment – just big enough to drop off the bags because we really are too busy running to the next adventure.

But dang – we like to finish on a high note. The last chance of true holiday leisure, to leave us high on the bliss of travel.

And double dang – we delivered on this last leg. Welcome to Kuala Lumpur – Traders Hotel.

Each leg of our Borneo adventure has ended with a sense of anticipation.

THAT was so AMAZING!! THAT was positively the best thing so far!! How can anything else compare?

First it was the Orang Utans in Sarawak; then our new friends at Kurakura Homestay; followed by the awe-inspiring Turtle Island; and then top it off with Wild Pygmy Elephants. When we woke on our last day at Bilit Adventure Lodge, it was with a sense of wonder for what could possibly come next?

Not much on this day – we were driving back to Sandakan to fly out to KL. That pretty much took up the whole day. We’re talking early 2-3 hour drive from Kinabatangan River to Sandakan Airport; flight to KK (don’t forget your view of Mt Kinabalu if you missed it the first time); and then flight to KL.

But it was worth it.

Here’s a tip if you really want to stay in style in KL: Book your room at Traders Hotel and months in advance. They have some fantastic early-bird specials. In our case, I booked 6 months before the holiday and received 50% discount on the room and one free buffet breakfast for the family.

IMGP3916There are plenty of really nice hotels in KL to choose from. We chose Traders because we wanted something fancy for our last leg, while also being central to anything else we wanted to do. And Traders is definitely central.

It has a huge park right outside the front door – with a playground and a water-play area for kids. It is a short 10-15min walk to the Petronas Towers, as well as two separate shopping centres, an aquarium, a supermarket, and the central train line.

DSC_2029And the rooms are HUGE!!

We had a King Bed (since N was still climbing into our bed at night) with a single fold out bed for S, plus desk/office space and a bathroom with an actual bath tub for the kids.

Did I mention the view?


I think this was from our room. Ask for a corner room. You’ll thank me later.

This post has not been sponsored by Traders Hotel, or the Shangri-La chain. I wish. I would so love to go back and stay there again. If anything, don’t do the buffet breakfast every day. There are some fantastic food markets around the area – we found the best breakfast about 4 blocks East of the Petronas Towers. For about a 1/10 of the price at Traders.

I told you – we have developed a pattern. And dang – it is worth it!


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