KL:Towers in the Sky

Despite our fantastic location for a hotel (Traders Hotel), it took us a few days before finally going to see the Petronas Towers up close. We had a big afternoon planned with CK to see Bukit Melawati, so a quick visit to the Towers seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, the Travel Gods deemed otherwise.

When we visited in September 2011, the Petronas Towers were closed for maintenance. We didn’t realise this until we turned up and saw the sign out front. They were not even due to re-open soon; the wait would be until January 2012.

We were all sorely disappointed, as many reviews have listed this as a must in KL. If you have been up there (and have photos) please share your story in the comments! I would love to hear about it!

Instead of wasting energy sulking, we all agreed to walk over to Menara Tower instead.

Although not as stunning as Petronas Towers, Menara Tower still offered a full 360 degree view of KL, in all its smoggy glory.



We have heard it is pretty hard to catch a clear day in either tower.

While up at the top, each of us had our own headset for the commentary (and the novelty) and we each learnt a little about this great city. It was fun watching the kids run up to tell us something new from the headset and point out the window to show us.

One of the things I loved about Menara Tower was the attention to detail inside. The interior design was a perfect match for the melting-pot of cultures we have found in Malaysia. This beautiful geometric tile effect was one that caught our eye. There was also a gorgeous yellow-glass feature wall inside the elevator and jungle plants along the cafe. All had a really warm cultural feel to it.


There is also a reptile exhibit downstairs, which gave us another opportunity to gaze upon our beloved Albino Burmese Pythons, although the set-up here wasn’t as inviting. It was a very small venue and dimly lit, which maybe to the reptiles benefit but it wasn’t very inviting.

With our morning filled, we quickly headed back to the hotel for a nap before CK picked us up for our afternoon adventures.


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