KL: Wings on Things

A lot of the research we did for KL was about shopping. A lot of shopping.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s great to wander around the markets and some malls, trying to nab a bargain. But when travelling with kids as a family, shopping is not usually a primary focus. For our wildlife adventures, shopping didn’t usually make it in to the top 5.

So it was quite a find when we learnt of the huge bird aviary in the city with a butterfly park nearby as well.

Welcome to KL Butterfly Park and KL Bird Park.   

What a treat!

The Butterfly Park was packed with so many butterflies, we all decided to use it as a bit of a photography competition.

B and I were both determined to catch a beautiful black and green butterfly which proved rather elusive. Of course, so many years later no-one can remember exactly which photo is theirs…


At the same time, S and N were caught up in their own photographic opportunities. Running around amongst the plants, they ducked and weaved in a way that looked like the butterflies. I still think that might have been their initial strategy. Either way, they technique did allow them to discover hidden corners I would have missed. Like N’s favourite, the Turtle Pond:


The Butterfly Park is a huge enclosed space, with an extended section for reptiles, insects, and other local displays. The natural environment for the butterflies is so reminiscent of a rainforest, I almost forgot I was in an enclosed space.

While you are wandering around the enclosure, it is easy be lost amongst the plants and flying features. You really need to keep a close eye on the kids but allow them some freedom to move around. There are some amazing details around the area and the kids are the best ones to point them out.

Just up the road from the Butterfly Park is the even bigger KL Bird Park. And seriously, this place is HUGE!


The KL Bird Park is divided into sections to assist with seeing things in a relatively orderly fashion. As we first walk through the gates, we are instantly confronted with a large peacock – strutting his stuff. S caught an excellence photo below:


DSC_2518While most of the birds are local (about 80% I think) there are quite a few international species. As Australians, the kids had a laugh playing with the Rainbow Lorikeets in the Australasian area, but as visiting tourists, we preferred to see the local birds.

Unfortunately we missed out on the bird show, due to rain but we still managed to walk around the entire park and see the large variety of birds on show. We even managed to share our lunch with a hornbill – an event that made my day!

Some of the highlights (besides the hornbills): beautiful owls, powerful-looking hawks, a red ibis (never seen that before!), the kids holding ducklings, and eventually my toy hornbill from the souvenir shop. Check out more photos on the Facebook page. Loading them all here would chew through your data.

Like the Butterfly Park, the Bird Park is a great way to feel you are out of the city without having to go out of the city. The park is enclosed with a netting of some sort, which allows for the big open-air feel. Plenty of the birds are roaming around free in the park, but there are a few in cages.


Personally, I adore birds. One of my highlights from the entire Borneo Adventure was the bird watching along the Kinabatangan River. This park was a fantastic enclosed comparison. Yes, they are not in their natural wild habitats. Nevertheless, the Bird Park gives you the opportunity for a closer look and a greater variety.

If you are not venturing far from KL, then you really should visit both the Butterfly Park and the Bird Park.


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