KL: One Last Hurrah

And so we end our Borneo Adventures!

Our last day in KL is timed perfectly. Our flight is not until 10 pm, giving us the entire day to tick off some last items on the to-do list.   


Fortunately, we confirmed the Central KL Train Station has a check-in desk for Malaysia Airlines. This service is brilliant: it allows you to check-in luggage at the train station, and they send it forth to the airport immediately. This will totally free you up to roam around the city a little more and make the most of every minute you have.

I’m pretty sure we checked all the highlights of KL – Souvenir Markets, Jalan Alor (for food), Petronas Towers (from the outside), Menara Tower (from the inside)…

Even a short walk around the massive gardens located right outside our hotel – with massive playground and water play area.


On the way to the airport, we stopped at a shopping centre for Lego. This shopping centre was about the size of a standard suburb back home. I kid you not. When we walked through the door and then through the first

I kid you not.

When we walked through the door and then through the first wing, we stepped out into the main thoroughfare and could not see to the end on either side. Before we even reached the Lego store, B and I were both questioning if we would make it back in time to catch our flight.

And after all of that, they didn’t have any of the Lego range we were specifically looking for (Atlantis, for S). BUT we did see some very cool stuff not currently available in Australia. So it was kind of worth it. 😀


If you are only in KL for a couple of days, even the airport is worth exploring. We were able to find the elusive Lego set in the airport, and settle in for a short wait before our flight. It was at this point we learnt of the “indoor jungle” (read: jungle-inspired garden) that is apparently great for the kids. We didn’t have time to check it out but have since heard from many others how great it is for kids.

It was also about the same time that N mastered the Art of Chopsticks.


After spending the last three weeks having to ask every vendor for a spoon or fork (there is even a fork in the damn photo!), 2-year-old N decides on the last night in Malaysia to master chopsticks. Well done, kid!

Malaysia was an absolute delight. Our adventures in Borneo gave us such unique experiences and insights, we cannot return home the same family. Our desire, as a team, to work with conservation groups in Borneo is now stronger than ever. The people we have met here inspire us to do more.

The short time we spent on the Peninsular has been equally beautiful. We have all taken away some personal element from the melting-pot of Malaysia and learnt new things (including N with his chopsticks).

Now, whenever I hear a family planning their next holiday I always suggest they forget about the stock-standard resort and consider some adventure instead. It was so much easier than I anticipated, and something I would consider revisiting again in the future.



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