Coastal Roadtrips: Cabarita Beach


He started with, “Forty years ago, none of these houses were here.”

Then he paused, like he was lost in thought.

“I’d park the car here, and sleep in the back. Next morning, we’d all wake around 6am and take our boards down the hill to the surf.”

There are still some doing this today.    

Photo by Ann-Marie


We are currently on our Roadtrip Adventure, up the East Coast of Australia from Sydney to Townsville. About 2000km in one direction. It’s a mad dash on the way up, because I promised to meet B in Townsville 3 days later; he is flying up while we drive.

On the other hand, I promised the mini-backpacks we would see some family on the way up, and lots of scenic stuff on the way back.

So, our first sleep-stop was Pop’s place in Bogangar, New South Wales. It was a 12-hour day, but the next leg was only 2-hours; essentially this meant a sleep-in and a family swim at Pop’s local beach.



Thus, the reminiscing about his 6 o’clock surf, many moons ago.

To be completely honest, it is still a quaint quiet beachside town. But it also is turning into a resort/weekend escape town.

You see, Bogangar is about 25-minutes south of the Queensland/New South Wales border. That’s about an hour on the Freeway to Brisbane. Even closer to the Gold Coast.

That means it is totally acceptable for cashed-up families to live in resort Bogangar, and commute to the business districts for work (if required).


I totally understand the appeal. The beach has squeaky clean sand. The township has a very civilised Woolworths grocery store. The local cafes and food shops are full of courteous and attentive staff, who treat everyone as a treasured local.

It’s the kind of town to be stunned when the traffic required a round-about to be installed. It made the beach so easily accessible, but there are still secret favourites tucked away behind the rocks.

The whole atmosphere is relaxed and blissed. You really could escape it all, just for the weekend.

Unfortunately, for us it is just a one-night stop. I’m really hoping to still have time for another stop on the way back down to Sydney. I know the kids are especially looking forward to it.



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