Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She travelled all over the place – her family were divorced (amicably) and military (not so amicably). Each time the family moved house, her very wise mother would create a game – seeking the adventure in wherever they were moving to. Even the crappiest places had something worth seeing, even if it was only the locals.

When the girl was told she should be growing up, she continued to dream of travelling. But the dreams became more detailed and more about the real-world. It wasn’t enough to simply travel to a place, take photos and pick up a souvenir. It was more important to learn some of the language; study the culture; research the political issues; understand the local environment.

The girl soon married her favourite travel-buddy, and soon made some cute travel elves. Many people told her that her backpack fairy tales had come to an end. What a load of bollocks.

They were only just beginning.




Backpack Fairytales is more than a travel blog. This is the accumulation of research and planning, mixed in with dreams and cool tidbits. I love travel planning as much as I love travelling itself. But I can’t travel everywhere just yet. Sometimes it is just about the cool gadgets that I find. Sometimes it is about the need for responsible travel. No matter what it is, if it is travel – I’ll add it here.

And then we all get happy endings.


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