Camera Equipment

The joke in our family is the the number of cameras on holiday is truly relative to the number of people attending. If you are holidaying with us, you must have your own camera… and potentially a spare to share.

The main camera is our DSLR, purchased prior to our holiday in Borneo (Sept 2011). We bought a Nikon D7000 with a 18-105mm lens and a 55-300mm lens.

Big Camera v ‘memory camera’

We are amateur photographers, but the only souvenirs that we are absolutely obsessed with are our photos. We also bought a polarising lens, but no other special filters. (BTW: I’m pretty crap at photoshop, so the photos that you see on this blog are pretty much as they are. No filters, no fussing.)

The 2nd camera we had was a small happy snap that was used as back-up and fun-shots. Our Pentax Option P70 is bright red (because red is sexy…) and pretty much goes with me everywhere.

When S was about 18mths old (early 2008), we bought him a Fisher-Price Kidtough Digital Camera. They say it is aimed at 3-7yo. To be honest, the button on the newer models is a little stiff for young fingers, but the original model was fantastic for S to look through and see the world differently. The first time he used it was in the Hunter Valley Gardens (photos to come) and it was amazing. He loved being able to take photos of us and things he found on the way. When we returned home, we printed his photos out on post-it note papers and stuck them all over his door.

Look hard – there is a small green tree frog S was taking a photo of, with his FP camera

And when they say Kid-Tough, they mean it!! That original camera travelled up and down the East Coast of Australia, all around Italy, around Malta and through Hong Kong. Unfortunately it died just before our trip to Borneo – so we bought a new one for N. This time: WATER-PROOF!!

Yes! The latest FP Kidtough Digital Camera to join our backpack is water-proof! Again, we aimed for N to have this around 18mths, but there was a problem with delivery. He ended up receiving it just after his 2nd birthday, but still has gained a lot of use out of it! We haven’t been as avid about photos on stickies on the door this time (2nd child syndrome…) but we are getting back into it!

Photo of me taken by N with his FP Kidtough Camera

The quality in the photos is not fantastic, but the image is still clear. However, we are not submitting any of the the FP photos to National Geographic. Instead, the point of the kids camera is to start them off with a durable camera designed for their hands that they can capture their memories with. They are not always behind the camera – I have photos to prove that! However, after each holiday I am preparing a photobook for each child – collating all of their photos (and photos of them) in the one book. I can tell you now, one year later and we are still re-reading the Borneo book!

For our trip to Borneo, S was also given his own happy snap camera. It was a small, 2nd hand buy – but he was amazing with! He took care of it; checked the batteries; sat with Dad checking each photo and deleting the crappy ones from the memory card. It was great to watch him learning.

This is the latest list of equipment – previous trips have had other items, and I will try to provide that information with each review. For example, our trip to Italy had a DSLR, another SLR (with slide film), the original FP Kidtough, and a video camera. Our trip to Thailand only had the one SLR camera (with film and slide film).

Although not technically camera equipment, I am going to add to this list that we also have an iPad and we took that with us to Borneo. IT WAS AWESOME!! When travelling around Italy, we were caught out many times with lack of memory space on the cards. Recently in Borneo, we just uploaded all the photos each night on to the iPad, culled accordingly and cleared the memory cards. It was fantastic and simply.