KL: Deerlands and Elephants

Sometimes, travel destinations can fit nice and neat into categories. Foodies Dreams. Cultural Experiences. Art and Architecture. Nature and Wildlife.

Sometimes, when travelling with kids, it’s a good idea to seek out the categories and give them a bit of structure. Something tangible for them to associate with.


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When the Hotel makes it all about The Kids

Let’s take a break from the Borneo Tales for a moment – We’ll call it an Intermission. Mainly because something has come up in the newsfeed that has REALLY caught my interest.

Le Meridien has teamed up with LEGO and is now offering small LEGO packs for all children who stay in their hotels.

Meridien Duplo Meridien LEGO

Side note: Some of you may know my “Geeky Alter-Ego”, so ssssshhhhhh! But for you, it should come as no suprise that I went “LEGO?”, in the same manner that a meerkat goes “What was that?”

How serendipitous for this news – even though we are currently in the final days of planning our NZ trip, we are also in very early discussions about an island holiday somewhere for B’s 40th birthday. Perhaps somewhere with a Le Meridien…? 🙂

Now, bonuses for the kids isn’t a new thing (though a partnership between LEGO and a non-LEGO hotel is). I’m not talking the standard Kids Club thing either.

Back in 2010, we were stayed at the Sofitel on Broadbeach (Gold Coast, Australia). It was nice. Really nice. Fortunately, it was also paid for by B’s work (conference). When we advised that 2 small children would be joining us, they easily allowed us to all co-sleep in the one room and gave a “Welcome Pack” to each of the boys. I can’t remember the details, but I do recall a cute teddy, a blanket and a book for bedtime. It was the first time we had experienced this and the kids LOVED it! As S said at the time, “it’s our room too!”

It seems like only a small thing but it is definitely a bonus to keep an eye out for. Many hotels are doing – Sofitel has since changed over to the Magnifique Experience, partnering with The Little Prince brand. We’ve already mentioned Le Meridien and LEGO (did I mention that there are two options: LEGO and Duplo?) and Novotel has Welcome gifts for kids staying in the Family Deals.

While this is all highly tempting (hello, Le Meridien Bora Bora), I have asked the kids what their favourites are.

Both S & N have come back to Kurakura Homestay and our upcoming Campervan (nicknamed TARDIS). Why?

“Because the best welcome gift was another kid to play with!! And TARDIS is going to take us SKIING!”

Sure, there is money in the marketing to kids. But I am glad to see that experience will still count for something too.

Have your kids received a “Welcome Pack” for being kids? Is it a selling point for you?

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